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  • ADENOPHORAAdenophora

    Adenophora came into Australia sometime last century as seed called S.pulchella but I think it is always given its correct name nowadays. It comes from the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Adenophora has bright scarlet flowers mainly in autumn and winter … Continue reading

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  • AFRICANA LUTEAAfricanus     lutea

    Another South African, this shrubby salvia has been around Australia for 20-30 years. It is a hardy evergreen for drought or whatever you wish to give it. It seemed to originally be called Africana aurea and some people are going … Continue reading

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  • AMISTADAmistad

    ‘Amistad’ was a new release in Australia in 2013. ’Amistad’  grows to two metres high and wide and has a lot of flowers that are deep purple.  They are on one side of the spike only. It is similar to ‘Purple Majesty’ but the foliage is denser and … Continue reading

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  • ARGENTEAArgentea

    Salvia argentea has been known and grown in Europe  for a long time.   It seems to me that it is likely one of the woolliest plants ever, so its low foliage is very ornamental. Argentea likes an open sunny well drained spot … Continue reading

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  • ARIZONICAArizonica

    .                             Arizonica, from Arizona not surprisingly, is a pretty deep blue wanderer for front areas of the border. It is not a strong invader that can’t be … Continue reading

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    In Australia we have been a bit muddled as to what is aurita and it seems to be a small plant with pale blue flowers which I had once or twice. Aurita galpini is a fairly vigorous evergreen ground cover … Continue reading

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  • AUSTRIACAAustriaca    copy

    Austriaca is a European evergreen base foliage type salvia. It has lettucey foliage which has maroon blotches when it is older. The pale lemon summer flowers have very prominent stamens. It is best in well drained sun. It sets seed … Continue reading

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