Ordering Information

At present I am not keeping up to whether the plant is in stock or not real well so cut me a bit of slack if I make mistakes please

For those that are like me and don’t use shopping carts!!!  there are red crosses  so that you can remove the item from the shopping cart if you choose. Evidently if you hover over the red cross it will tell you that.

When ordering please tell me if you do not get mail every day and which days you do.

I have had trouble with plants not arriving well west of Rockhampton.   If there have been problems or they are expected I can sometimes send 3″ tubestock in an “overnight delivery” bag which holds 5kg.  This is only for occasional situations, not a normal offer.    Plants are likely to be too bulky to fit many in the bag so it is unlikely to take 5kg of salvias.   I do not normally send tubestock and it is dependent on what I might have at the time, so really only for dire circumstances.   This service costs around $28 for the mailing bag.