This plant was named for the famous British salvia collector and author. Yeo is pronounced ‘yo’ as in Yeomen of the Guard!

This is a good plant for colonising if you want to fill an area of about a metre in 5 years. It is about 60cm + high. ‘Christine Yeo’ is exceptionally drought hardy. You could dig up excess from around the plant if you don’t want it.

Because it has a lot of multiple stems make sure where you put it is well mulched to save you having to try and pull weeds later on.

It has purple greggii shaped flowers most of the warmer weather.

It can be grown from cuttings but could be difficult in hot and wet conditions, otherwise try taking rooted pieces.

There are a few other purple and magenta microphylla type salvias – Navajo purple, muelleri that are somewhat similar.   There is also ‘Superior Purple’ which is a darker version of ‘Christine Yeo’.  I have lost Superior Purple.   Seeds will not necessarily be true to the parent.

Price: $9