Thanks to the drought,  more salvia publications and articles,  many people growing salvias and having success,  salvias are finally getting the publicity they deserve when I am just about getting worn down and too old to have a nursery!! Very few nurseries want to stock a large range of unknown plants because not enough people are adventurous with plants.  People say they want unusual plants but it is hard to keep a nursery going from sales of ‘different’ plants to an educated minority.  You are not likely to get a lot of choice in local nurseries unless a big wholesaler promotes them. You may be aware that nurseries are closing frequently so the selection gets smaller all the time.  Therefore mail order is a good alternative.Nursery photo by Noel Fraser I am able to offer a good mail order service because I live very close to a mail exchange where I can take parcels up to 7pm or so and they leave for Sydney etc that night.   The post does go through over the weekend.   NSW and Vic parcels arrive on the third day after just one full day in the post. The extremities of my weather are about minus 2 up to around 42C which is very hard to cope with often.

  A lot of nurseries are selling incorrectly named salvias because not many people know what is what.  Only nurseries specialising in their field are likely to be keen enough to keep the names right.    If you want the correctly named plant you are more likely to get it from me or from keen members of the Salvia Association.  I have introduced a lot of species to Australia and am always working on more.