Salvia Specialist Nursery .   Posting salvias to happy gardeners for 25 years.

My priority is for you to be successful growing salvias.   I try to give you accurate information from personal experience or feedback.  I am a world wide authority and can grow most salvias which not many sellers can because of climate restrictions.

The site is designed to provide comprehensive information on many varieties of Salvia. You will find a complete list under the ‘Salvia List‘ section. Most of these are for sale and a complete listing of what Salvias I have for sale is found under the heading ‘Salvias for Sale‘. These can be purchased directly from the site but paid for by direct debit transfer through your bank.

Please note that I do not offer seed for sale.   There seems to be scams associated with asking to buy seed so requests just go in my scam file.   It is possible to get some salvia seed by mail from overseas but you need knowhow which I am not offering!

I hope you are aware that Australia Post has had difficulty managing deliveries because of the increase in shopping on line and covid complications.    Orders to Brisbane and near Queensland could arrive quicker than Sydney which is odd because they are starting on the NSW/Victorian border.

As my plants are usually well established they don’t deteriorate  for the first week  in the post but if they co-incide with a heat wave and not picked up promptly from a little post office it could become problematical.

grow plants with a lot of care and hate it when they lose condition in the post.  Customers often miss informing me that they don’t have deliveries every day.  Please inform me  so I can better calculate their arrival time.    Sometimes in less populated areas  they go to small post offices which are part of another business and you have to pick them up from there.   These small local post offices are not always so efficient at advising you of their arrival.

SPECIAL OFFER helpful to those who can’t decide or who don’t want to go through all the site.   12 salvias OF MY CHOICE suitable for your climate, for the price of 10,   plus postage.This is meant as an introductory offer,   not a cheaper way to get a lot of  plants!  Find the Special 0ffer under ‘s”.

There have been so many salvias grown in Australia but not always still being available.   There can be many hours involved in tracking them down.   I have a lot of species which I do not grow for sale because I can’t keep up with the large amount of the most popular ones.

My plants are grown mostly in full sun so that they are very hardy,  although they may not look as pristine as other nursery stock which is sprayed and cossetted and then left to cope with the realities of the real world when they are bought.  Because I have a fairly quick turnover I don’t have to grow plants in large pots,  but mostly use the square 105mm pots  which is kind of like 4″ square in the old measurement.  My target market is experienced gardeners.

**********There is no way of paying directly on this website.   You have to pay direct debit separately  or get someone else to do it.   Payments to:  BSB 640000,  a/c 111097696,  S.Templeton     The BSB number tells them what bank it is.       thank you  

Please do not pay by personal cheque.   Bank cheques are acceptable if they still make them!!!


When you make an order you will usually  receive an email confirmation, with payment instructions (Bank Deposit through the computer is the most popular, I don’t do Paypal etc.  You have to have the system set up with your bank so you can pay through the computer,   (Sometimes when I am very tired or busy I am a bit slack about the confirmation.)    It takes a lot of medical visits etc to keep me on my feet and keep me growing plants.

Sometimes when it is marked as available there might only be one left so if you want multiples it would be good to confirm before putting payment through.    thank you.

Many small growers grab anything they can call ‘new’ without knowing much about the plant.   Some people love to put new names on salvias which causes terrible confusion for the gardener and me,  when you ask.  Many nurseries also make innocent mistakes.    There are getting to be very similar duplicates of many of the varieties of greggii and microphyllas which are advertised as being new.   Not many sellers even know whether new plants are real spreaders.    You can rely on me giving honest  information with your best interests at heart and not just to make a sale.

There can be mistakes in availability.  By the time I come in to the computer I may have forgotten to change a listing.  You might think you have a bad memory but wait until you are  85 and your short term memory is really bad!

When I only have one or two of a variety or species I often don’t want to send one to what I think might be an unsuitable growing location and it might die. Some plants are  requested more than they used to be since there are now good photos and I might not have planned for increased sales.

I sell the most from March to October.    I cannot increase my stock much during winter so stock is the lowest for the year by spring.

If you can’t decide I can send you my SPECIAL OFFER of 12 plants for the price of 10 which will be suitable for your area but are my choice from what is available.  The basic price will be $90 but you need to add on  $20 postage.   Sometimes   I  have been sending them express post as recommended by Australia Post which generally costs me more than I have charged you for posting depending on how Australia Post seems to be coping..

Two sites that will also give you a lot of information  are    Robin’s salvias (UK)  and Flowers By the Sea (California).   Robin died three years or so ago,   his site is still there but  not being updated.       Naming  is often different in different countries so please don’t expect to be able to order everything you see on overseas sites!!!

I am sorry to disappoint WEST AUSTRALIAN AND TASMANIAN gardeners but I don’t wrestle with your quarantine agencies.    Diggers   send quality plants  but have a limited range as they don’t specialise in salvias.     .Keep in mind that some of the pictures and names on the web might be wrong so take care.

My business is almost all mail order which is what I prefer.   I have to think of safety issues (hoses etc) if people call and other rearrangements.   I am too old to think quickly to answer questions except by email.

Photos are of course copyright and not to be used without permission from me.

The banner salvia below  is the very popular frost tender van Houttii