Silkes Dream small

This salvia is one of the many American crosses of salvia oresbia (darcyi) and microphylla.  It flowers orangey scarlet in warm weather.

‘Silke’s Dream’ will grow up through a light bush or could be grown through mesh to 1.5m.   Otherwise it could be pinched to keep it a compact shrub.   Because of its straggly growth I am not going to continue on with this plant and suggest you buy oresbia (darcyi) instead.  The flowers are a bit redder but the growth is more pleasing.

Lambley Perennials grew quite a lot of it in the summer of 2013/14 which I thought was rather an odd choice as it needs quite a bit of pruning.

It is reasonably cold and drought hardy .   It would have to be grown as a cutting to be sure to have an identical plant.