Leicacephalaleucacephala for website

Salvia leucocephala is a spectacular new arrival since 2020.   I suspect it has been made available through a plant specialist in Argentina, Rolando Uria,  who sells seed of exotic South American salvia species.

Flowered for me in July 2021 (winter).   Watching the white buds for weeks heightened anticipation.   It was about 50cm in a pot at the time so I could move it away from frost but I imagine it might grow to 2m.    It is not very frost tender but I haven’t tested it enough (2023).   It is evergreen.   Cuttings are easy.

The lack of a lot of sun is making the foliage green.  (Drought makes foliage whiter.)

I prefer only one per person.

Order leucocephala leucocephala @ $9.00