Salvia argentea has been known and grown in Europe  for a long time.   It seems to me that it is likely one of the woolliest plants ever, so its low foliage is very ornamental.

Argentea likes an open sunny well drained spot in average soil.   It is not for humidity or warmer areas.   Somewhere with a very cold winter S. argentea could live a number of years but warm winters will shorten its lifespan to one or two years.

Argentea has very nice spikes of white flowers in spring and sets seed well.   However the seed are held in very prickly calyces which might make extraction painful!   Young seedlings could be difficult to grow if you have a very hot summer and feel the need to water them.  Growing by seed is about the only feasible method of propagation for gardeners.    Unfortunately I no longer have seed so prospects are grim!

Argentea used to be frequently sold in nurseries in the herb section but I don’t think it would be so often available these days.   .

Price:   $9