Salvia purpurea is a tall evergreen which flowers autumn winter with jacaranda coloured flowers,  though the exact shade can vary if seed grown.  It is a brittle plant so needs protection  from a lot of wind.

It is similar to iodantha in growth and flower but a different flower colour.   The foliage also tends to have a grey tinge.    In the mountains near Puerto Vallarta in Mexico iodantha is a very common plant and I asked an expert if it could be confused with purpurea with a colour variation and he said no because it grows at a different altitude!  Thankfully in cultivation we mostly don’t have to worry about what altitude salvias are suited for as they are mostly so adaptable.

This is the first year I have had a good stock of purpurea.  Cuttings grown in summer tend to rot with too much moisture and heat.

Price:   $9