This Californian salvia is an attractive foliage plant to 2m with smooth pungent grey foliage. Some people in Australia burn the dry leaves and wave them to ‘cleanse’ their houses as is the Indian custom.

Apiana is somewhat fussy about conditions, certainly doesn’t like it too wet as is normal for grey plants. I found it grew well under a birch tree, the mass of birch roots probably getting the moisture first and keeping apiana dry. It seemed okay in the part shade but probably prefers full sun. It sets a lot of seed and is often easier to grow that way although seed seems to prefer to come up during winter. Young seedlings are easily overwatered which kills them rapidly so it is easier to deal with them through winter when they don’t need a lot of water.

 The flowers are pale whitish and small. Bart O’Brien from Rancho Santa Ana,  Los Angeles was surprised that I had had spotted flowers as they were just introducing a variety with spotted flowers in California in 2009. The spots are really only noticeable in photographs, they don’t jump out at you.

I have a limited number of this plant available so there is a limit of one per order.    As there is a big demand for apiana  I will only add a plant to an order of at least 5 plants.

Price:  $10