hianschadwell watermarked

The second photo is  taken in Kashmir by Chris Chadwell,  Himalayan plant expert,  and with his permission.   More photos are on his site  www.chadwellseeds.co.uk/salvia

I do not know of any source worldwide of correct seed of S. hians. or of the correct plant growing in Australia.    A wholesale seed firm in Germany sells seeds which turn out looking like S. przewalskii.   The seed probably takes 2 years to come into bloom and then it is the wrong plant anyway.   Unfortunately the mistake is duplicated worldwide.

I don’t have any more of hians but you could order przewalskii instead and the results will be similar to the hians floating around that are from Jellitto but not the same as this picture.

The first photo above is one I took many years ago in Melbourne of the correct hians and has been used on other nursery’s labels for what turns out to be the incorrect plant even though it originally had a copyright sign on the bottom of it.   Now you may notice my photos  have a watermark across the middle!