Postage Rates

Most people are surprised that  parcels keep moving over the weekends with Australia Post.   It has been like that for quite a few years now but everyone surmises that the trucks stop.  I often send Queensland parcels on a Friday afternoon and they arrive  around Brisbane and thereabouts on the Monday.   If the plants are going even further afield I especially like to do them Friday so that if there is some unusual hold up they have the following week to catch up.    I don’t even have one parcel a year seriously delayed but it can happen.

Australia Post  reliably delivers parcels on time but not necessarily letters which is strange but true.   I don’t think letters go in the same trucks as parcels.   However there are a lot of changes happening within Australia Post so things could change.

I send plants via Australia Post which is the most convenient over all, however it is getting quite expensive especially as the plants I send are often large and in flower and are not little tubestock.

Postage  to ACT, NSW, Vic and S.A. is $19, to Brisbane is $20  closer QLD – $25 Far north Queensland $30. Unfortunately I am unable to post to Tasmania and West Australia.