Desley-&-Black-Knight-copyDesley  Picture A is a ‘Desley’ and ‘Black Knight’ comparison,  B  is ‘Desley’ though it doesn’t look as dark a colour as it looks on the plant.

‘Desley’ is one of the 2m shrubs that flower a lot, in this case in a deep pinky maroon which is very popular. It is thought to be a cross between ‘Black Knight’ and ‘van Houttii’. It is an Australian hybrid.

 It is moderately drought and frost hardy once established. It can grow in the sun or part shade.

 Cuttings strike easily enough.

The closest salvia to ‘Desley would be ‘Black Knight’.   The new ‘Love and Wishes’ is about the same colour but is about a metre high.   I like to grow the same colours or tones together and think ‘Desley’ and ‘Love and Wishes’ would be good together.

Price:  $9