DSCN0676‘Ruth’ An evergreen with interesting flower spike of chartreuse with bluish purple flowers summer and a lot of the time.

IMG_0105‘Annie B’   An evergreen plant similar to leucantha with furry purple flowers in autumn.


Alice‘Alice’ is an Australian bred plant with dorisiana and white greggii as parents.

angel     wing cropped‘Angel Wings’ is a very pretty microphylla type small bush with pretty pink flowers for an extremely long period.   Hardy to frost and drought.

invol. Joan‘Joan’ is a caney very popular pink flowering plant related to involucratas.   It is hardy to most things and very long flowering – i.e. most of the year.

'JOSH'‘Josh’ is similar to grahamii style but is a stronger plant with a bit larger redder flowers,  also for a very long period like grahamii (also called elegans).

Pink  Icicles‘Pink Icicles’  is an involucrate relation growing about 2-3m high,  winter flowering, very popular,  frost tender to some extent.  Light pink flowers.