Wagneriana is one of those tall winter flowerers (2-3m) from central America and southern Mexico.   It is particularly pretty but is also one of the more frost tender of the winter bloomers.  In Mexico the colour varies quite a bit,  but in Australia we originally had just the pale pink and later a deep pink.   The deep pink is a much slower and shorter grower.   Wagneriana will flower even when small so it could be cut to the ground at Xmastime if you want a shorter plant.

Older stems of wagneriana become hollow which seems to make propagation more difficult.   It is not as easy to strike in hot weather over 30C.   I haven’t known it to set seed but it will do in the sub tropical regions.

There is an Australian variety called ‘Pink Icicles’ which is more a sugar pink colour and very pretty.

    ‘Pink Icicles’ is listed on its own.

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