People’s attitudes vary.   Some don’t mind cheating at quarantine as can be seen on TV shows.   Some are particular to obey the law which is put there for the nation’s benefit, although it could be misguided.   Chaos eventuates if you have a lot of people making up their own rules.   Very few people get exact correct information but repeat what someone else says as gospel.

My experience with quarantine was mainly 15-20 years ago so could be slightly different now.   I never imported live salvia myself but  some kind nurseries have done it for me.  Big wholesalers used to  make a couple of trips a year to look at nurseries overseas who may have something they fancy growing themselves.   Then they import the plant.  It is also a good excuse for a ‘business’ trip for some.     They go overseas with some of the documentation ready and then fill in the details of the plants later.  Salvia were regarded as low risk plants and it wasn’t so expensive to import them.

Many a nurseryman has nearly choked the plumbing in a hotel near the airport getting all the soil off plants before putting them in their luggage to declare at their home quarantine.  This is the quickest way to get live material in.    When they get to Australia they give them to quarantine who dunk them in something nasty and release them next day or so to nurseries who have quarantine facilities.  Quite a few plants don’t survive the dunking.   Unfortunately most nurserymen don’t have exact knowledge of what salvias are in Australia and I saw many plants imported and going through quarantine which were already here anyway!

A lot of the time officials give you a statement to put you off and I think that is what happens about importing seed.   The rule for importing seed is basically that it should be in Australia already.   New Zealand has been doing it that way quite a few years longer than Australia.   It seems the most ridiculous system.   Anyway when they were going to set up this system in Australia interested parties, including me,   were given the opportunity to send in lists of salvias ‘already’ here.   Some people listed all sorts of species which were dubiously here but if it went on the list you can now import that seed.   Otherwise you have to fill out revolting forms to prove that the plant won’t be a weed problem.

Some seed sellers, or maybe most,  won’t sell overseas because of the hassle of permission and documentation.  What I have done is include the list of permitted seed with an order and they include it in the package so that if it is intercepted they can see it is okay.   It is best to get the list off the AQIS website where it is more compact.

Table 1 for a list of species that are permitted entry.

Note: Any species not listed in these tables are prohibited entry into Australia by legislation and require assessment.

Table 1: List of Permitted Species.These species may be imported subject to the conditions C7100, C7179, C7180.  

Salvia adenophora Salvia aegyptiaca Salvia aethiopis
Salvia africana Salvia africana-caerulea Salvia africana-lutea
Salvia agnes Salvia albicaulis Salvia albimaculata
Salvia algeriensis Salvia amarissima Salvia ampelophylla
Salvia amplexicaulis Salvia amplifrons Salvia apiana
Salvia apiana var. compacta Salvia argentea Salvia arizonica
Salvia atrocyanea Salvia aurea Salvia aurita
Salvia austriaca Salvia azurea Salvia azurea var. grandiflora
Salvia barrelieri Salvia blancoana Salvia blepharochlaena
Salvia blepharophylla Salvia bracteata Salvia brevilabra
Salvia broussonetii Salvia buchananii Salvia bulleyana
Salvia cacaliaefolia Salvia cadmica Salvia caerulea
Salvia caespitosa Salvia campanulata Salvia campestris
Salvia canariensis Salvia candelabrum Salvia candidissima
Salvia canescens Salvia cardinalis Salvia carduacea
Salvia carnea Salvia castanea Salvia caudata
Salvia chamaedryoides Salvia chamelaeagnea Salvia chia
Salvia chiapensis Salvia chionophylla Salvia chrysophylla
Salvia cinnabarina Salvia clandestina var. angustifolia Salvia cleistogama
Salvia clevelandii Salvia clinopodioides Salvia coahuilensis
Salvia coccinea Salvia coccinea var. pseudococcinea Salvia columbariae
Salvia concolor Salvia confertiflora Salvia cordata
Salvia corrugata Salvia cruckshanksii Salvia curtiflora
Salvia cyanescens Salvia cyanicalyx Salvia daghestanica
Salvia darcyi Salvia dentata Salvia desoleana
Salvia digitaloides Salvia discolor Salvia disermas
Salvia disjuncta Salvia divinorum Salvia dolichantha
Salvia dolomitica Salvia dombeyi Salvia dominica
Salvia dorisiana Salvia dorrii Salvia dumetorum
Salvia eigii Salvia elegans Salvia engelmannii
Salvia eremostachya Salvia eriophora Salvia euphratica
Salvia evansiana Salvia fallax Salvia farinacea
Salvia flava Salvia forreri Salvia forskahlei
Salvia frigida Salvia fruticosa Salvia fulgens
Salvia funerea Salvia gariepensis Salvia gesneraeflora
Salvia gilliesii Salvia glabrescens Salvia glechomaefolia
Salvia glechomeafolia Salvia glutinosa Salvia graciliramulosa
Salvia grahami Salvia grandiflora Salvia granitica
Salvia graveolens Salvia gravida Salvia greggii
Salvia greggii x lycioides Salvia grewiaefolia Salvia guaranitica
Salvia haematodes Salvia heerii Salvia henryi
Salvia hians Salvia hierosolymitana Salvia hirtella
Salvia hispanica Salvia holwayi Salvia horminoides
Salvia horminum Salvia huberi Salvia hydrangea
Salvia hypargeia Salvia indica Salvia interrupta
Salvia involucrata Salvia iodantha Salvia iodochroa
Salvia japonica Salvia judaica Salvia jurisicii
Salvia karwinskii Salvia keerlii Salvia kiangsiensis
Salvia kopetdaghensis Salvia koyamae Salvia lanata
Salvia lanigera Salvia lasiantha Salvia lavandulifolia
Salvia lavanduloides Salvia lemmonii Salvia leucantha
Salvia leucophylla Salvia littae Salvia longispicata
Salvia lycioides Salvia lyrata Salvia macrochlamys
Salvia macrophylla Salvia madrensis Salvia mekongensis
Salvia melissodora Salvia mellifera Salvia merjamie
Salvia mexicana Salvia meyeri Salvia michoacana
Salvia microphylla Salvia microphylla var. microphylla Salvia microphylla var. neurepia
Salvia microphylla x greggii Salvia microstegia Salvia miniata
Salvia misella Salvia mohavensis Salvia moorcroftiana
Salvia moricana Salvia muelleri Salvia muirii
Salvia munzii Salvia myriantha Salvia namaensis
Salvia nana Salvia napifolia Salvia nemorosa
Salvia nemorosa subsp. tesquicola Salvia neurepia Salvia nilotica
Salvia nipponica Salvia nubicola Salvia nutans
Salvia officinalis Salvia omeiana Salvia oppositiflora
Salvia orbignaei Salvia oresbia Salvia oxyphora
Salvia pachyphylla Salvia pachystachya Salvia palaestina
Salvia patens Salvia pauciserrata Salvia pennellii
Salvia pentstemonoides Salvia phlomoides Salvia pinquifolia
Salvia pisidica Salvia pitcheri Salvia plebeia
Salvia plectranthoides Salvia polystachya Salvia pomifera
Salvia potentillaefolia Salvia pratensis Salvia pratensis x sylvestris
Salvia prattii Salvia prionitis Salvia prunelloides
Salvia przewalskii Salvia pseudococcinea Salvia puberula
Salvia pulchella Salvia purpurea Salvia ranzaniana
Salvia recognita Salvia recurva Salvia regeliana
Salvia regla Salvia repens Salvia reptans
Salvia rhyacophila Salvia ringens Salvia riparia
Salvia roborowskii Salvia roemeriana Salvia rosifolia
Salvia rubescens Salvia rubiginosa Salvia rugosa
Salvia rumicifolia Salvia runcinata Salvia rutilans
Salvia rypara Salvia sagittata Salvia scabiosaefolia
Salvia scabra Salvia scapiformis Salvia schlechteri
Salvia sclarea Salvia sclarea var. turkestaniana Salvia scutellarioides
Salvia semiatrata Salvia serpyllifolia Salvia sessei
Salvia setulosa Salvia simulans Salvia sinaloensis
Salvia smithii Salvia somalensis Salvia sonomensis
Salvia spathacea Salvia splendens Salvia sprucei
Salvia squalens Salvia stachydifolia Salvia staminea
Salvia stenophylla Salvia stepposa Salvia styphelus
Salvia subpalmatineris Salvia subpalmatinervis Salvia subrotunda
Salvia summa Salvia superba Salvia sylvestris
Salvia taraxacifolia Salvia tarayensis Salvia tchihatcheffii
Salvia tesquicola Salvia thermara Salvia thymoides
Salvia tiliifolia Salvia tingitana Salvia tomentosa
Salvia transcaucasica Salvia transsilvanica Salvia trijuga
Salvia triloba Salvia tubifera Salvia tubiflora
Salvia uliginosa Salvia urica Salvia vaseyi
Salvia verbenaca Salvia verticillata Salvia verticillata subsp. amasiaca
Salvia villosa Salvia virgata Salvia virgata f. campestris
Salvia viridis Salvia viscosa Salvia wagneriana
Salvia x jamensis Salvia x superba Salvia x sylvestris
Salvia x ‘Superba’ Salvia yunnanensis